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Workplace Experts in Organizational Change, Growth and Leadership

Welcome to Jonathan Paul Consulting. Our vision is to help organizations and the people in those organizations to flourish by equipping them with uncommon insight and practices that allow them to have mastery over their environments and markets.  Our work is uniquely strength based and integrates the best of vocational and clinical psychology with outcome based business consulting practices. Our focus is in three key areas: helping organizations create alignment so they can grow, navigating business transition and change and equipping leaders with exceptional tools and enduring truths that allow for lead team unity and exceptional organizational performance.

Our Story

Creating A New Understanding of What Defines an Organization's Culture and Outcomes: The Unconscious Motivation and Passion of Organizational Leaders.

We are a group of curious learners and consultants who have had a life-long interest in understanding organizational life, human functioning and motivation. Our research has focused on understanding the dynamics of healthy group and individual functioning, by assessing what is happening both from a structural dynamic-what is happening on the surface of an environment-and a psycho-dynamic - what is happening beneath the surface.

 Our client work began in 1987 by studying the client facing work of more than 350 publicly traded companies and  120,000 practitioners, to begin to understand why and how people chose specific cultures to work in and how those cultures engaged their employees and external markets. We discovered that organizations whose cultures were intentionally aligned around their intrinsic design, motivation and purpose and who were supported by systems that perpetuated their unique strengths, had far longer and more profitable relationships with both employees and clients. 


From that work we developed an evidenced and identity-based framework for organizations to employ for aligning their cultures around their unique design, which allows for the creation and sustainability of  both client and employee engagement that we still use today. 

 In 2001, our focus expanded to include the development of new models of understanding how leaders and lead teams influence and inform cultural norms, including organizational outcomes, through their intrinsic, unconscious group and individual motivations, unconscious passions, traits and behaviors.  

Today we are best known for our 

work with leaders, groups and cultural champions to help them create

environments and cultures that are aligned around an organization's sustainable strengths that allow for human flourishing with predictable outcomes. 

To date we have worked with more than 860 public and private organizations.

Our Services

We Work in 5 Domains of an Organization: 

1 Culture & Alignment

2 Growth & Sustainability

3 Employee Development

4 Leadership Development

5 Technical Development

Presenting Circumstances We Address:


Generational  Business Transition

Identifying Future Leaders

Lack of Client Growth

Lack of Employee Growth

Partner Conflict

Lead Team Alignment Issues

Our Primary Deliverable is Organizational Efficacy


How We Work

WE work side by side with our clients in their offices, working with every appropriate level of the organization in order drive new learning . Our clients value their people and their cultures as the primary means by which their mission will be accomplished. Our organizational solutions are wholistic, evidenced-based, effect change where it needs to occur and sustainable. Our work often extends to the life of our clients.

Ask Us Why Your Organization is as Unique as You
Together at the Top

What We Believe: You Are Designed to Soar

Organizations are NEVER one size fits all, they are a reflection of the  founder's and principals individual and group motivations, passions and traits, which are never the same. Understanding how to analyze, codify and quantify these components of a leaders makeup allows us a to see a clear picture of your organization's purpose, the unique purpose only you can fulfill. Channeling that purpose into the proper  systems that empower your people will allow your organization to take flight.

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Our Mission is to Help You Understand Yours, Then Empower You to Make it a Reality

From Main Street to Wall Street every organization started in the same place, as a dream in a founder's heart to exercise their passion and motivation to create a better tomorrow. Not every dream becomes a reality, not for lack of planning, creativity or effort. Dreams fall short of reality when a founder's passion and motivation are not intentionally harnessed in ways that allow organizational clarity, purpose, and impact to find expression in its culture. 

We believe people want to work in healthy environments that allow them to use their talents and treasures to achieve something bigger than they thought possible.  We also believe most leaders want to mobilize their employees best selves in a way that both leads to desired outcomes and creates unity. What we have found in working with over 860 public and private organizations for the past 30 years, is that most leaders don't know where to begin to create environments that allow people to live in and enjoy their deep strengths. We believe by educating, equipping and empowering leader's to create a better today for their people, a better tomorrow is just a day away.

Give Us 15 Minutes and We'll Give You A Perspective You've Never Heard

Jonathan Paul Consulting is committed to providing you with exceptional insight.  If you have any questions about organizational health, human functioning or leadership, we’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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